Oct 15 Parent Meet & Greet, Oct 16 first lesson 11am-1:30pm


Welcome back parents and students! Lessons will begin in full swing this Sunday, October 16. FOR THIS WEEK ONLY lessons will be running from 11-1:30. That means if you would normally have a 9am lesson, your lesson on Sunday, October 16 will be at 11am. Lessons will be running at their usual time (9am-11:30am) starting next week and for the rest of the semester.

Parent Meet and Greet, Fee Payment and Document Completion October 15

As an opportunity for parents and students to meet with their swim instructors outside of the pool before lessons start, SwimAbility Montreal will be holding a parent meet and greet on Saturday, October 15. This will be an opportunity to discuss any goals for the semester, discuss any information the student or the instructor might need before getting in the pool, and just get to know each other before lessons are in full swing! As well, it will be at time time you will have the opportunity to pay the $20 fee for the semester, as well as complete the two necessary forms. Parents should receive an email from SwimAbility Montreal with specific details as to what time to arrive for the Meet and Greet. We look forwarding to seeing you!